Co-production Week 2020

Recognising the benefits of working together

Our service users are at the heart of everything we do, and we value the vital role they play in shaping our services.

This week is Co-production Week (6-10 July) and we’re marking the occasion by recognising and sharing some of this important work.

What is co-production?

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) says co-production is all about working in equal partnership with people who use services, their carers and families. It offers a great opportunity for organisations to transform and improve the care they provide.

This week marks the fifth Co-production Week and the theme this year is co-production in a changing world.

Some examples of co-production in our Trust and how we’ve adapted during lockdown

Co-production in Learning Disability Services

At the start of the year, three new members of staff joined the Involvement Team in our Learning Disability Services, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their co-production journey.

Amy Hirst, Involvement Coordinator, said: “The Involvement Coordinator posts build on our values of co-production and since they joined us, Dominic, Lisa and Shaun have been designing accessible information and co-hosting workshops. Since Covid-19 we’ve had to quickly adapt the way we work and learn fast, testing out a variety of technologies and different modes of communication to make remote co-working possible. We are now beginning to host virtual co-production sessions for our service users. One group has begun meeting regularly on Zoom and we recently held our first online easy-read design session.

“We are looking forward to the next few months as we continue to develop co-production and learn how to do it digitally. You can follow our journey on Twitter @InvolveLYPFT.”

Shaun Webster, who joined the Trust in one of the new roles earlier this year, added: “A person with a learning disability and a person without a learning disability can work together, sharing our knowledge and experience to benefit both parties. It shows the outside world that we are equal and respect each other.”

Recovery College, Co-production and Wellness

During lockdown, our Recovery College has embraced technology and provided an online course on Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP).

Debbie Crouch, Co-facilitator for the Recovery College, said: “WRAP is an opportunity to look at ways to be well in a safe environment with like-minded individuals, and it’s delivered by people with lived experience.

“Each week, we’ve shared information and listened, constantly learning, delivering sessions and growing in confidence. I’m proud of the group members for their contributions and am excited and honoured to have had the chance to be involved. It’s been the most rewarding and humbling experience of my life.

“Working with people with lived experience has been key to the success of WRAP and I look forward to being involved in more sessions in the future.”

Developing co-production through the Patient and Carer Experience Team

Service user groups, the Personality Disorder Network, Service User Network (SUN) and staff came together to develop the Patient and Carer Experience Strategy, which launched in April.

Since then, SUN has been successfully bringing people together on Zoom, has set up a newsletter advisory group and has held an open event on providing feedback.

Articles from people with lived experience have brought the newsletter to life, and have included stories about finding social groups, celebrating a birthday in isolation and connecting with others via video.

The recent feedback event saw participants wanting to strengthen the link between SUN, managers and clinical governance, to ensure that service user feedback leads to changes. Another event is planned to share stories and surveys and lay the groundwork for further co-production and feedback initiatives across the Trust.

How can I get involved?

Leeds Co-production Conference, Wednesday 8 July

The virtual Leeds Co-production Conference is taking place on Wednesday 8 July. It will feature a mix of groups, presentations, webinars and creative space, and has been planned and will be delivered by a team of people with lived experience and professionals from across the city. There are a few places left, and webinars showcasing staff from our Trust, Touchstone, Leeds City Council and 100% Digital will all be available to view, for free, on the Touchstone website.

There will be sessions on subjects including health inequalities and digital inclusion, as well as a sense check on where we are with co-production.

Take a look at the full agenda and find out how you can take part.

National events, activities and online resources

A series of activities and events are being hosted by the Social Care Institute for Excellence and other partners involved in Co-production Week 2020. Find out more on the SCIE website.

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