Research Hero of the Month - January 2024

This month we recognise Dr Zumer Jawaid, Consultant Psychiatrist -Older People’s including Young-Onset Dementia as Principal Investigator on the QMIN-MC study

This month we would like to acknowledge Dr Zumer Jawaid as Principal Investigator on the QMIN-MC study, recruiting service users undergoing a brain MRI as part of their diagnosis in memory services. Dr Jawaid has facilitated service-wide involvement, encouraging research engagement across the YPWD team. We would also like to thank the MAS Clinicians, Trainees and Nurses for identifying and referring eligible service users to R&D. Dr Jawaid’s efficient leadership and the team’s promotion of the study have enabled recruitment of the agreed target within five months.

Dr Jawaid said, “Our team has enjoyed the opportunity to get involved with the QMIN-MC study and values the hard work of our research department. Participation in clinical research by patients and clinicians is essential to advancing medicine and care, and access to such trials encourages patient’s engagement with the service. We thank the LYPFT R&D team for enabling us to embed a research culture in our YPWD team.”

The QMIN-MC study is led by the University of Cambridge and aims to develop and assess computer algorithms that can be useful in analysing brain MRI scans. It is thought that developing an effective algorithm could support more efficient diagnosis of memory problems and assessment of likely prognosis.  The study collected MRI data and clinical information from standard care to build a model for the development and testing of the algorithm.

If you are interested in knowing more about QMIN-MC or taking on the role of Principal Investigator in future, please email