Stories to inspire and empower

To encourage open and honest conversations on BIG topics

To mark Staff Networks Day 2022 which takes place on 11th May every year the Trust’s Workforce Race Equality Network (WREN) have published a stunning anthology of stories and inspirational blogs to inspire written by WREN members. It is being shared to influence BIG conversations and to give hope and encouragement to each other.

You can download the anthology called ‘Stories to inspire and empower‘ or ask for a printed copy – email 

Wendy Tangen, WREN Chair, comments: “As you read the anthology my hope is that you tooWendy Tangen reading the WREN anthology become inspired by the written words from our members, that their personal journey allows you to reflect on your own journey during the global pandemic and remind you of your inner strength and beauty.”

WREN was established in 2018 to support our Trust to address the disparities experienced by staff. Their focus has always been about sharing their lived experiences to give context to the challenges and barriers faced, in order to find solutions together.

During the Coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter the network needed to be creative to stay connected and offer support to our members, colleagues, and our communities. They have decided to share their reflections in the form of blogs and poems to encourage open and honest conversations on BIG topics that mattered to them. This required commitment, bravery, and courage from members. Wendy adds: “We are proud to share our journey with you in this anthology and to continue to challenge perceptions, to inspire, to empower learning.”

Colleagues who have read the anthology said:

‘Nothing like bringing lived experiences to life!’ John Ebo – Leeds City Council

‘Powerful reading’ Manraj Singh Khela – Leeds City Council

‘This is an amazing piece of work. Well done to all involved and those brave enough to share their stories.’ James Forrest – Leeds Community Healthcare Trust

‘I’m overwhelmed I’ve just read the introduction and I cannot wait to read through this.’ Debi Johnson – This