LYPFT Governor Case Studies - Amy Pratt

Amy is one of our Clinical Staff Governors at the Trust, learn more about the role

Hello, I’m Amy, I’m a Clinical Staff Governor and have been on the Council of Governors since March 2023. I work in the Trust as Principal Dietitian. As a dietitian, I’m really passionate about the physical health inequalities experienced by many of our service users, and I also passionately believe in the role a wide range of professionals can contribute to their care.

I wanted to become a governor to bring this perspective to the table and contribute my skills. From a personal development perspective, I’ve also found that being a governor has increased my awareness and understanding of governance processes in the Trust, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet people I wouldn’t otherwise meet in my day-to-day work, including fellow staff members and executives, as well as service users, carers and other members of our community. All these things have been personally fulfilling, give me pride in my work and the Trust, and give me skills and ideas that I can bring to my day job. My line managers have been very supportive of me absorbing my duties as a governor into my working hours.

I’d advise anyone interested in becoming a governor to chat with the Corporate Governance Team, who are really friendly and helpful or ask to meet with an existing governor who can share their experiences with you.