Trust Awards 2019 - a night to celebrate!

A glittering night bringing staff and volunteers together to celebrate their achievements.

The Trust Awards night provides the perfect opportunity to take time out to acknowledge all that has been achieved over the past year. Friday 8 November saw around 240 of our staff and volunteers come together to cheer on colleagues and party the night away.

As guests entered to take their seats, they were serenaded by the fantastic staff choir ‘Trust Your Voice’ creating a buoyant mood for the award announcements.

The night was compered by comedian Justin Moorhouse and there were loud cheers as he announced the shortlist and then the winners for each category.

Dr Sara Munro, Chief Executive, said: “Every one of our staff is improving the health and lives of the communities we service – whether in a clinical or support service. The Trust Awards celebrates the role they have all played this year and our staff should all be incredibly proud.

We received nearly 160 nominations this year, which is a testament to the fantastic people we have on our team. I am proud to lead some truly inspirational individuals who are prepared to go the extra mile and work together to put our service users first.”

You can read Sara Munro’s welcome speech and find out about all the finalists in the Trust Awards Programme 2019.

Congratulations to all our worthy winners!

Non-Clinical Employees of the Year (Joint)

Vanessa Williamson and Tracey Williams, Domestic Assistants, Mill Lodge

Vanessa and Tracey are an outstanding duo at Mill Lodge – they go above and beyond on a daily basis. They are welcoming, humorous and have an approach that puts people at ease. They have a presence on the ward that demonstrates compassion but is not intrusive.

They are proactive, seeking creative solutions to improve service delivery and efficiency and to ensure the unit is cared for. They strive to involve the young people in the process of ordering food and promote the catering within the unit – which is invaluable especially for those who are on the eating disorder pathway.

Vanessa and Tracey are vital members of the wider team, who have a great relationship with young people, staff, carers and visitors.

Clinical Employee of the Year

Jayne Langdale, Occupational Therapist / Mental Health Practitioner, Deaf CAMHS

Jayne, who is profoundly deaf, works for National Deaf CAMHS. She is dedicated, enthusiastic, extremely motivated and hard-working and is a highly regarded member of the team.

She promotes being deaf as positive which helps deaf children and young people to achieve their goals. Jayne has had many successful outcomes for the children she supports, using her skills to build therapeutic relationships and helping to build their confidence.

Jayne has great integrity and the biggest heart – she cares enormously about deaf children and young people. She is an advocate for keeping things simple and is often the ‘go to’ person for ensuring communications sent to young people and their families are accessible.

Health and Wellbeing Award

Amanda Bailey, Physical Health and Smokefree Lead

Amanda is leading the Smokefree pilot at The Newsam Centre and there are many barriers that she has had to overcome. She has worked considerably hard to promote utilising e-cigarettes.

Amanda is an experienced and caring nurse. She uses her down to earth approach to connect with people and alleviate anxieties as they make major changes to improve either their own health and wellbeing or that of the people they work with.

It is Amanda’s quiet tenacity and refusal to give up when things get difficult that have led to the piloting of e-cigarettes in the Trust and improved, evidence led management of nicotine addiction. The benefits for service users and staff have been evident to see.

Bank Employee of the Year

Henrietta Forichi, Nursing Assistant

Henrietta has worked at Austhorpe Road for about 10 years. She brings a smile to faces at the end of the day and after a difficult shift has colleagues laughing hysterically with her stories and tales.

Henrietta is a valuable member of staff who shows great care and compassion. She has developed a really good relationship with everyone the team supports.

She has even volunteered to support the service users on holiday at short notice so they didn’t miss out. She will come in early on her night shift to celebrate Christmas with the service users and brings a present for everyone.

Non-Clinical Team of the Year

Recruitment Team

Recruitment is not only about customer service but also policy and procedure compliance, applying critical NHS and Trust standards. This creates a conflict between wanting to help and get as many staff members in to fill the services and making sure that we are getting the right people for our teams and our service users.

The team is caring and understanding and continues to work with managers to help everyone understand the ‘why’. The team do this balancing act amazingly.

The complex recruitment process is something the team are experts on and provide excellent customer service to make it simple, transparent and clear.

Clinical Team of the Year

Veterans’ Mental Health Complex Treatment Service

The Veterans’ Service was commissioned in April 2018 by NHS England to provide intensive support and intervention to military veterans struggling with complex mental health issues.

The team has accepted over 150 referrals to date, with a number of veterans having been successfully discharged from the service having achieved their treatment goals. The team were extremely pleased to have their initial 2 year contract extended for an additional 2 years, taking them to March 2022.

The team are passionate about wanting to improve the mental health journey and recovery for our veterans, seeking creative opportunities to engage with veterans in the community, including 1-1 sessions taking place at local fire stations and military charity venues.

Partnership Award

Jamie Scott, Operational Manager, Personality Disorder Service

All aspects of the Personality Disorder Service are based on partnership and collaboration. Jamie leads and steers with strength, agility and compassion in addition to his well developed organisational and operational leadership skill.

He is well liked and admired by all partners and he manages relationships with an impressive balance of authority, capability and flair.

Jamie is at the heart of all aspects of his services, leading highly specialist teams of expert clinicians which he does with humility and conviction. He is an exemplar of the leadership of partnership and provides a helpful blueprint for how to do it effectively with the right values.

Volunteer of the Year

Melanie Hardwick, Rainbow Alliance

Melanie volunteers for the Rainbow Alliance and has built effective working relationship with other organisations. She has been proactive in visiting our services and encouraging and helping staff to set up an LGBT+ information board.

Melanie has lived experience of being transgender and is committed to ensuring the experience of trans people is taken into account in healthcare initatives.

Melanie has been shaping her volunteering role and ensures that it is tailored to her strengths. Her opinions and views are valued greatly and the Rainbow Alliance is all the better for having her as a part of it.

Equality and Inclusion Award

Sajimon Madathil, Clinical Lead, Bank Staffing Department

Saj has been instrumental in leading a campaign of change and transformation starting with bank forums which now have flourishing attendance figures, giving a voice to bank workers. The feedback received has enabled a reimagining of the temporary staffing policy and benefits package.

The level of respect that Saj holds in the bank community is phenomenal and is testament to his compassion, diligence, integrity and drive to ensure that colleagues on the bank are valued and respected for their contribution.

Saj continues to move the bank story forward and his impact is undeniably positive and demonstrates living the Trust values of Integrity, Caring and Simplicity at every step.

Inspiring Leader Award

Dr Elaine McMullan, Senior Clinical Psychologist, The Becklin Centre

Elaine works across Becklin Wards 1 and 5 and has transformed how teams work with service users – particularly more challenging presentations often rooted in complex trauma.

She has provided the leadership to drive the change to a more therapeutic and less medicalised way of working. The ward feels calmer when Elaine is around – not only does she help the patients to manage emotions, but also supports staff.

Elaine is a strong female role model not only for the team, but the women they work with every day. She is honest, true to her values, and practices with a level of courage and integrity which should be recognised, commended, and then bottled and distributed out.

Chair and CEO Award (Joint winners)

Danielle Booth, Staff Nurse, The Newsam Centre

Danielle was nominated for a Star Award for her actions on her way to work in August when she observed an individual who had climbed over a road bridge. Without a thought for her own safety, Danielle pulled over and went to talk to the man and stayed with him until the police arrived.

Danielle qualified less than a year ago and has just completed preceptorship. That she stopped to offer assistance and take charge of the situation until further resources became available shows a maturity beyond her years.

She used the skills and experiences that she has gained on PICU; an environment that is extremely challenging, to help successfully resolve a situation where someone was in crisis.

Dr Sharon Nightingale, Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of Medical Education

Sharon is very experienced and passionate, and day in day out delivers a fantastic service to older adults and is a valued member of the team.

Sharon has led for some time on the Trust’s support, development and training of junior doctors which involves significant liaison with the universities and Health Education England (HEE) and internal work. She is fantastic at showing care towards our trainees and their consultants, giving recognition where there has been a job well done.

Sharon is very humble about her own contribution to medical education preferring to celebrate the success of others which is a fantastic leadership quality to have but she is also overdue some recognition herself.


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