NHS mental health team hold pregnancy wellbeing discussions at White Rose Shopping Centre

Leeds’ Perinatal Mental Health Team spoke to over 300 people at the White Rose Shopping Centre on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 September 2023 (pictured below).

The trust's perinatal mental health team speaking to people at the White Rose Shopping Centre.

The team were also showcasing three new short films which show how they can help mums, dads and partners with their mental wellbeing before, during and after pregnancy – known as the “perinatal period”.

Paula Garrigan, who heads up the Leeds Perinatal Mental Health Team, said: “Having a baby is one of the most wonderful things you can do in your lifetime. But sometimes both mums and dads can struggle with their mental health. This is perfectly normal.

“My team and other partners across the city are here to help. We want people to treasure the experience, but we understand it’s not easy. We also want people to know help is available and encourage them to seek it out – either for themselves or someone they know.”

Find out more about the Leeds Perinatal Mental Health Team on their website.

Or you can watch their new films along with all their previous ones on our YouTube channel.