Let's refresh our strategy

Join us to collaboratively create our future direction and help make our Trust the fantastic organisation it has the potential to be.

We are re-imagining the future of our Trust and have already had 10 listening events with staff. In some areas we are outstanding and in others we found areas where we can improve.

We want everyone to share with us what good looks like and we cannot physically meet with everyone personally. Your Voice Counts is a way to include EVERYONE in an online conversation and this is the first of two.

Your Voice Counts:

  • is available to everyone
  • is always accessible 24/7 and you can revisit it
  • values everyone’s opinions
  • builds on each other’s great ideas
  • is absolutely anonymous

Starting on April 20 our staff, service users, carers, members and partners will be invited to our online conversation, where together, we will re-imagine the future of our Trust and work together to agree what behaviours we expect from everybody at our Trust.

In May, we’ll focus on what we need to stop, start or change to bring this vision to life.

In July we will submit the outline strategy refresh to our Board.

What is a ‘Your Voice Counts’ online conversation?

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is committed to bringing the experience and ideas of staff, service users, members and partners to the heart of decision making. “Your Voice Counts” is our way of making this happen.

Our first online conversation will run between 20 April and 4 May 2016. Please click here to join the conversation.

When logging in to the online conversation, you’ll find that others have already submitted ideas. Feel free to vote and comment on them or even better, share your own ideas.

All of the contributions will be anonymised to ensure ideas are judged based on their merit and not their author.

If you have any questions or need assistance to access the online conversation, email us at: support@clevertogether.com