Congratulations to Alan, our STAR Award winner!

Congratulations to Trust Gardener, Alan Appleby, the most recent STAR Award winner.

Alan has tending to the gardens of NHS properties in Leeds for more than 40 years, after taking on a summer job when he left school at the age of 16.

On a day-to-day basis, Alan does the gardening for many of the Trust’s sites. This can include growing plants and flowers, trimming shrubs, and general work to make sure the sites are tidy and the grounds are safe in adverse weather conditions. He also helps out with fire warden training.

Alan said: “I had absolutely no idea I was going to get a STAR Award. A colleague asked me to help with lifting a table, and when I followed them into the room the whole team was in there waiting to surprise me. It was such a big shock.

“I feel honoured, I work with a great team but I didn’t know I was cared for this much! I really do enjoy my job. It’s different every day, there is lots of variety and I like that I’m outside and on my feet all day.”

Alan was nominated by Roger Keeling, Estates Operational Manager, who said: “Alan is very flexible in his approach and is always willing to help colleagues when they need it. He always has time for other staff, the public and service users, and without thinking he will listen, communicates and act in a thoughtful and friendly way. Alan takes great pride in his work and tries to improve all of the grounds he works on as he knows this can positively affect the experience of service users and their families when they visit the sites.”