Community Mental Health Service Survey 2022

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has recently published the results of a survey about our Community Mental Health Services

You can download the Community Mental Health Services Survey Results Management Report 2022 for LYPFT.

Our Trust is mandated to take part in this survey each year, which is led by the CQC. The survey asks people who have been supported by our Community Mental Health Services, to tell us about the care and support they have received. You can find out more about the survey on the CQC website.

Postal surveys were sent to 1224 people aged over 18 who had at least one contact with our Community Mental Health Teams between 1st September and 30th November 2021.  People had to be registered on the CPA (Care Programme Approach) or non-CPA register.

294 people completed the survey, providing a response rate of 24%. There were 14 questions (out of 39) where our Trust scored above the 80% threshold compared to the 49 other Trusts and Community Interest Companies who took part in the survey.  There were no questions which fell below the 20% threshold which is a great achievement.

Comparing the results for the 2021 and 2022 survey results for our Trust, two thirds of our scores improved from the previous year.  Louisa Weeks, Patient and Carer Experience and Involvement Lead for the Trust, said: “These results are a credit to our fantastic community colleagues who have continued to provide care and support to people during some very difficult times.”

Key findings

Things to celebrate – our top scores

  • 97.6% of people said that they knew who to contact if they had a concern about their care
  • 86.7% of people said that the person who organises the care and services they need did this ‘very well’
  • 86.3% of people reported that they are treated with respect and dignity by NHS services
  • 85.7% of people felt that they had received treatment and support in the way they agreed
  • 82% of people said that a mental health worker had checked with them how they were getting on with their medicines

Areas we can improve on – our lowest scores

  • 16% of people said that aside from this survey, they had been asked to give their view on the quality of the care they received
  • 40% of people said that they had been given help or advice with finding support for financial advice or benefits
  • 45.8% of people said that they had been given help or advice with finding support for finding or keeping in work (paid or voluntary)
  • 48.8% of people reported that they had been supported with their physical health needs


To improve on the scores above, our community mental health services will:-

  • Encourage more people to give their feedback about the quality of care received by completing the Trustwide feedback measure called Have Your Say
  • Share a financial information sheet with service users
  • Introduce people to the community hubs from next spring (a new model for community mental health teams), where intensive support can be provided to people with moderate to severe mental health needs to find paid or voluntary work, or to receive help to retain their employment
  • Support people to access the new community hubs where a proactive approach to physical health will be encouraged, to obtain and maintain good physical health and wellbeing.

We are continuing to refresh our Community Services Strategic plans and these survey results will help us to do this.

It’s really important that our services are improved and developed by people who have had experience of using them.

If you would like to be involved in improving future community services, please contact the Patient Experience Team for further information.

Email: or telephone 0113 855 6840.