Changing our name to Leeds Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

We would like to change our name from Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to Leeds Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Why do we need to change our name?

The Trust’s Board of Directors feel that a change is necessary for the following reasons:

  1. To reduce confusion amongst service users, carers and the general publicFrom 1 October 2015 we stopped providing locally-commissioned mental health and learning disability services in the Vale of York. Whilst we still have some nationally-commissioned services based in York, these services operate on a regional basis and are not restricted by the Vale of York boundary. As such we consider it less confusing for current and prospective service users, partners and the general public to take ‘York’ out of our name.
  2. To give us a name that stands the test of timeChanging the name of the Trust is not a decision we are taking lightly. However we feel we need a name that can serve us well for a number of years in spite of any future contract wins or losses, mergers, acquisitions or changes in the structure of the NHS. It also reflects where our organisation is based and the origins of where the Trust came from.

    The Trust, by its very nature, works in partnership with many different organisations including local authorities, third sector organisations and the police. We see this model of partnership working increasing in the future hence retaining the “partnership” element within our name.

Providing your views to us
Our consultation for this closed on Monday 8 February.

All the feedback from this exercise will be presented to the Trust’s Board of Directors and Council of Governors for consideration and response. Board members and Governors will take all this into consideration when they decide whether to ratify a change in the Trust’s constitution (including the change of name) in the coming weeks.

Jill Copeland
Interim Chief Executive
Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust