Peter Ongley

Constituency: Carer: Leeds
elected to the: Council of Governors

As a father and carer of my son for fifty years, who has cerebral palsy and suffered mental health challenges for the last 23 years, I feel I am ideally placed to provide the necessary support to the Trust achieving its vision of providing outstanding mental health and learning disabilities services.

Our son and our family has made use of a vast range of health, educational, and social services in the Leeds area. As a result of direct involvement in the Trust’s mental health services and seeing how a disabled person with mental health challenges is treated, I feel I can bring a wealth of experience to the Council as to how the Trust’s services affect users.

I can also bring a wealth of skills and experiences from my former role as a senior manager at an international shipping company.

As a local person with direct experience of how the Trust operates, I feel I can give the local people the appropriate representation in how the services are run, the money is spent and holding the Board to account.