Smoking Survey Study

Complete smokefree policies in mental health inpatient settings: exploring the impact on smoking behaviour and the role of electronic cigarettes

What is this study about?

The study aims to understand how staying in a hospital with a Smokefree policy impacts on peoples smoking behaviours during their stay after discharge, their thoughts around quitting, and general experiences of being a smoker on a Smokefree ward.

Who can take part?

Anyone aged 18+ who is currently an inpatient on a Smokefree ward who also identified as being a smoker on admission to the ward.

What is involved?

Interested service users would be asked to complete 3 short questionnaires about their previous and current smoking habits and any support they have received while being on the ward. These questionnaires would be completed over 2 months or less.

All participants would receive a £20 high street shop voucher for completing the final questionnaire.

How to get involved?

Please contact Amanda Bailey by email at or call 07976 725 603.  Alternatively contact Crystal-Bella Romain-Hooper by email at or call 0113 85 54431.