NIDUS – Supporting independence at home for people with dementia


 Supporting independence at home for people with dementia

What is this study about?

The NIDUS study aims to find out whether a new intervention (NIDUS-family) helps people living with dementia to be independent at home. NIDUS stands for the New interventions for Independence at home in Dementia study

Who can take part?

Person living with dementia:

  • Diagnosis of dementia of any severity
  • Living in their own homes: alone or with others
  • Have a family carer willing to participate in the study

Family carer:

  • In regular (at least weekly face-to-face or telephone contact) with the person with dementia;
  • Can speak English

What is involved?

If you would like to take part there will be two stages. First we would like to speak to you over the phone or video call about how life is at the moment for you and the person you support by going through some questionnaires and identify some areas you and your relative would like to improve.

You will then be randomly allocated to receive our programme of support, where you would have 6-8 sessions (about an hour) with a researcher either over the phone or via video call. But not everyone will get this intervention as it is randomly chosen by a computer.

We will then also follow up with everyone at 6 and 12 months.

How to get involved?

Please contact Alice Locker by email at or call 07980 958455.