Autism Conditions in Adulthood

Learning about the lives of adults on the autism spectrum and their relatives

What is this study about?

A large long term study to learn about the lives of adults with Autism.

Who can take part?

Adults aged 16 or over, with a diagnosis of autism, atypical autism, autism spectrum disorder / condition, pervasive developmental disorder, high functioning autism (HFA) or Asperger’s syndrome and people who think they are on the autism spectrum but have not had a formal assessment.

What is involved?

Researchers are collecting information on topics such as health, education, support and employment. They plan to keep in contact with participants and ask them to update the information from time to time, to see how people’s lives change over time. They will also be informed at regular intervals about the progress of the study. Adults on the autism spectrum are working with the researchers as part of the research team.

How to get involved?

There are two methods to get involved:

  • Online: Participants will need to access and click ‘Register with the Adult Autism Spectrum Cohort – UK’. Complete the form providing a small amount of information about themselves and their diagnosis; this will trigger an email featuring a unique password. They will need to log in using their email address and the password. Once logged in they are able to read information about the study, give consent and fill in the online questionnaires.
  • Post: For further information, the consent form and the questionnaires participants are asked to contact Sam Bennett by email at or on 0113 855 2741. Once complete these will need to be returned using the stamped addressed envelope.