Annual Research Forum

The Annual Research Forum is an opportunity to celebrate and showcase the outcomes of projects carried out in the previous year(s) and to share details of new research.

Aimed at staff and researchers, the Annual Research Forum is a full day event hosted by our Research and Development Team and our Library and Knowledge Services Team. Delegates from a wide range of roles attend including service user and carer representatives, nurses, allied health professionals, psychologists, academics and psychiatrists.

The projects are presented either verbally by the researcher(s) or in poster form. There are typically 15-20 posters and these are judged by the forum attendees with 1st and 2nd prizes being awarded at the end of the day.

Researchers registered on our Trust’s research database and other potential speakers from research-related organisations are approached each summer to present at the forum or host workshops.

The forum is held in November which allows us to ensure it coincides with the completion of projects from the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology course at the University of Leeds.

2018 Annual Research Forum

Our 2018 Annual Research Forum took place on Thursday 15 November at the Horizon Centre.

You can find out more by visiting the 2018 Annual Research Forum page.