Veterans’ Mental Health High Intensity Service – North of England

Op Courage logoThe Veterans’ High Intensity Service (HIS) provides care and treatment for former armed forces personnel (veterans) who are in a mental health crisis and need urgent help.

The HIS is part of Op COURAGE: The Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Service – a new name for the three specialist NHS mental health services for veterans.

In the North of England these three services are:

The name has been developed by the NHS England and NHS Improvement Armed Forces Patient and Public Voice following feedback from the Armed Forces community to make it easier for those leaving the military and veterans to get help.

How the HIS works

In the North of England, the service is being delivered in partnership between the NHS and well-established veterans’ support charities. Together, we will work with local mental health services to provide:

  • Support to crisis care services for veterans presenting in a mental health crisis
  • Support during an inpatient unit stay – including access to a clinician advice line 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Care navigation – helping veterans and their carers find the local services best suited to their needs
  • Support and care for family members and carers where they need it.

The High Intensity Service means that the NHS and its partners will be able to offer a joined up and dedicated specialist mental health care service for veterans, meaning we can improve the health and lives of veterans, their families and loved ones.

Find out more about how we in the High Intensity Service support veterans in mental health crisis by working with locally-based services across our region in this short animation.


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