Rehab and Recovery Inpatient Services

CQC overall rating good - click to see the report

Leeds Rehab and Recovery Inpatient Services are comprised of two units offering comprehensive assessment and individualised care packages of interventions within a safe and supportive inpatient environment. This is in addition to Ward 5 which is our locked rehab service.  We also have a Recovery Centre which is a key part of the inpatient service.

The service aims to promote recovery and improve the service users everyday functioning supported by a multidisciplinary team comprising of nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, medical colleagues, healthy living advisors, dieticians and support workers.

The two community inpatient units based on the one site are called Asket Croft and Asket House and they offer a stepped pathway in order to meet the individual needs of the service users. Both units are mixed sex and in total have 22 male beds and 14 female.

Asket Croft is the ‘supported unit’ and is able to provide support to service users in the early stages of their recovery for those who have a higher level of need. This unit provides a catered facility and has higher staffing levels in order to maintain the health and safety of the service users and enable them to work towards their recovery goals.

Asket House is the ‘independent unit’ and supports service users with a lower level of need and are further along their journey of recovery, but still require the 24 hour support provided by the multidisciplinary team. This unit is for people who have the ability to cater for themselves and have more significant involvement in decision making and the practicalities of running the unit.

A few quotes from service users/carers about their experience of the service:

  • “Once again they went above and beyond to make sure I had help and support exactly when I needed it.”
  • “My key worker spent a lot of time tailoring my early warning signs/management plan to my individual needs. She made recommendations but also gave me time and support to come up with my own ideas on things.”
  • “Found my whole treatment satisfactory and learnt useful coping skills.”

At the Recovery Centre we have a team of multi-professionals (psychology, nurses, healthy living advisors, occupational therapist and dietitian) who work alongside a team of voluntary sector staff (peer support workers) from Leeds Mind, with recovery workers from Touchstone and care coordinators from Community Links also involved.

The service provides care coordination for all service users within the rehab pathway.  They work with service users post discharge for up to 6 months and help them by supporting integration and continuity of care which has improved outcomes such as reduced length of stay and reduced re-admissions.

The team also act as gatekeepers to the service.

This partnership style provides a diverse and holistic approach to peoples care with a strong culture associated to recovery principles and ways of working.


All referrals to our Rehab and Recovery Inpatient Service are to be sent on CareDirector to the ‘Recovery Centre’. All referrals to the service are directed and managed by the Recovery Centre Team. The following service user groups are able to receive treatment:

  • People with complex mental health needs who are unable to live safely outside a hospital setting or who have significant quality of life issues. due to deficiencies in meeting activities of daily living
  • People who detained under the Mental Health Act and with the above needs.

The Recovery Centre Team also provide care coordination for the service users in the community units.

Get in touch

Leeds Rehab and Recovery Inpatient Services are based at Asket House and Asket Croft and can be contacted on 0113 85 57070 (Asket House)  or 0113 85 56245 (Asket Croft).

For referral enquiries please contact the Recovery Lead or one of the Care Coordinators on 0113 85 56244 or  0113 85 57030.


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