Older People's Inpatient Services

Staff member talking to service user in chairThe older adult acute mental health service is made up of two wards. Ward 3 is a 24-bedded acute unit and is designed to have flexibility with its bed state to meet the needs of the Leeds population. Ward 4 is a female acute ward that has 24 beds. All service users across the older adult mental health units have individual bedrooms and access to same-sex social areas.

The older adult acute mental health service is adaptive and vibrant, catering for the needs of people with all mental health conditions. The service is predominantly for people over 65 however, if someone is clinically frail and their specific care needs are more suitable to our specialism we will accept people under the age of 65.

The majority of our admissions are people who have become acutely unwell in their own homes and required assessment or treatment within our service. Admission on wards 3 and 4 can be voluntary if our service users are choosing to seek help; alternatively, some people access our service through the Mental Health Act.

People planting flowers in plant pots

Gardening activities

Concentrated and intensive interventions are provided at The Mount by a range of professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled. Service users have access to the Healthy Living Services including dietetics and physiotherapy as well as a range of occupational and vocational therapies. We promote occupation and engagement as well as supporting people to remain engaged and active in the community through activities such as the walking group and gardening.

Service users on ward 3 and 4 input into a weekly ward meeting to ensure their thoughts and feelings on how we can develop the service are heard and escalated to our service managers. We also run sessions on relaxation and breathing exercise among many others on our wards to enhance people’s coping skills, aiding successful discharge from our service.


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