CONNECT: The West Yorkshire Adult Eating Disorders Service

More about us and how to refer

In this short video, Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Rhys Jones and Psychological Therapist Mary Franklin-Smith introduce the CONNECT service and talk about how it can help people suffering from problems such as anorexia and bulimia.

The aims of the CONNECT service are to:

  • Increase the level of community based care for adults with eating disorders across West Yorkshire
  • Provide a full team approach to care and treatment
  • Provide community care closer to home
  • Reduce the need for lengthy inpatient treatment
  • Reduce the need for travelling long distances to access care
Who is this service for?

We provide early intervention, outpatient, inpatient and intensive home-based treatment for adults (people aged 18 and over) with eating disorders (anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa), from across West Yorkshire.

Changes during Coronavirus pandemic: updated 24 September 2020

If you are currently undergoing treatment with CONNECT there are some changes to this service which follow the evolving national guidance on the coronavirus outbreak.

It is a challenging time and there are ever-changing restrictions on what we can and cannot do. On 9 September, the government announced changes to simplify restrictions to help control the virus. These new restrictions took effect from 14 September. You can read them in full on the government website.

This means some significant changes to the way we deliver our service for the foreseeable future which we have detailed in this information sheet.

We do appreciate that this is likely to be a very stressful and challenging time for you and we are trying our hardest to ensure that people in treatment in the service are supported as far as possible with the changes we’ve made to the way we work together. We assure you that we’ll continue to support you as best we can and that we remain committed to completing your care.

In the meantime, we encourage you to stay in touch with us by telephone and video calls, to look after yourself and to follow all of the guidance as it continues to be made available to us.

Please contact us on 0113 855 6400 if you have any other questions or queries.

Take good care.
Dr Monique Schelhase
Acting Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead


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