CONNECT: The West Yorkshire Adult Eating Disorders Service

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We are using patient feedback to drive the improvement of our services across the Trust. “You said we did” is used to ensure we can provide the proper care to all our service users. We use the feedback given to shape the patient experience and improve the quality of care. We collect this feedback every month, sharing the results with staff and service users to ensure transparency.

Current CONNECT Services satisfaction levels

In Q2 21 people gave us their feedback. Our teams have received 75% positive feedback with most people feeling our service was very good or good.


Dr Monique Schelhase, Clinical Lead , LYPFT

“CONNECT continues to strive to deliver safe and effective patient care and therefore welcomes feedback from those accessing treatment within the service. Thank you to all who have provided warm words of encouragement and thanks to the service and staff in addition to highlighting concerns and providing helpful suggestions for ongoing improvements. I invite everyone to join me via the service Instagram account @lypft_connect on the first Friday of every month to reflect on patient feedback and to discuss the actions taken in response to feedback. We also intend to provide quarterly information on our web pages so do continue to check this space for the updated data. We look forward to hearing from you so please do keep the feedback coming”

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