What should we do to help colleagues stop smoking?

We want your views

Today is No Smoking Day in the UK and we want your views on smoking and vaping. 

The Trust operates a no-smoking policy on all of its estate, while at the same time recognising that people need help if they want to quit. We have several strategies in place to help our service users reduce their smoking or quit the habit.

We want to be able to help colleagues that may struggle while at work but to do that, we need to know how many  people smoke or vape. We want to know if you think you are being treated fairly and if there is something we can do to help.

We also want to know what colleagues who don’t smoke or vape think about having designated areas on Trust premises where staff could smoke or vape.

To help us understand the whole situation we have created a quick on-line questionnaire (it only has six questions) for you to complete. It will take you no more than 1.5 minutes to answer the questions, but the information could be incredibly useful for us when it comes to supporting people who want to quit the habit.

You can find the questionnaire here.