Staff Survey shows 'great feedback in challenging year'

Results for 2020 survey published today.

Our latest NHS Staff Survey results for 2020 have brought some great feedback for the Trust after what we can honestly say has been an incredibly challenging year.

Chief Executive Dr Sara Munro writes:

We have seen several key improvements in staff experiences of working at LYPFT including opportunities for flexible working, the organisation’s positive action on health and wellbeing, and relationships with immediate managers.

The NHS survey was responded to by 1,311 members of our substantive staff which is almost half.

I am delighted that in the middle of a difficult year, 47% of our staff took the time to make their voice count and share their views on working for the Trust as part of the national NHS Staff Survey. Getting feedback is incredibly important to help us learn and improve as well as shout out where we are making good progress to make LYPFT the best place to work.

Last year was not ‘business as usual’ for the NHS and the pandemic has had an impact on the way all of us are living and working. This has definitely been reflected in the feedback our staff have given via the staff survey.

Overall, our scores show some great improvements. They also highlight those areas where we need to continue to focus our attention going forward, which the Board spent time discussing at our recent meeting in late February.

As such a valuable part of our workforce, it is important that we also continue to get feedback from our Bank staff through their bespoke survey too. You can find a link to this below.

The results reflect the work that is going on across the Trust to improve our culture and it is great to see these positive improvements in the Staff Survey scores. I want to thank all of those who have taken the time to give their feedback and the staff engagement team who work incredibly hard, often hidden from view, administering, analysing and supporting us all to use the survey findings to make year-on-year improvements.

The annual NHS Staff Survey measures staff experience in a consistent way to previous years, and for 2020 show that:

• More staff (71%) would recommend the Trust as a place to work, at 71% this is higher than the average score for our sector (68%).
• We are a top performing Trust for the theme score (or group of questions) on Immediate Managers with 82% of staff feeling their immediate manager takes a positive interest in their health and wellbeing, and 82% also feeling their work is valued by their immediate manager. This score is statistically significantly higher than our benchmark group.
• We’ve also seen improvements in staff feeling that communication between senior managers and staff is effective, as well as feeling involved by senior managers in important decisions. This positively reflects the changes in communication over the last 12 months with frequent update emails going to all staff from the Executive Directors, and a fortnightly zoom call hosted by the Chief Executive for all staff
• While nine out of the 10 key themes show an improved picture compared to last year, there are specific areas needing attention. This includes our overall theme score for Team Working which has declined from 2019 and this resonates with the discussions we have all been having about how Covid has disrupted our ways of working.
• We have improved or maintained scores in nine out of the 10 important key themes, across our benchmark group of other mental health and learning disability Trusts.

Bank staff only bespoke questions

For the second year the Trust has also surveyed bank staff to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to have their say about working at the Trust – with 25% of our bank staff taking part in a bespoke survey. Out of all 120 Trust’s managed by Quality Health, we were the only Trust who chose to survey their bank staff.

As well as the core set of questions, additional bespoke questions are asked of our Bank colleagues:

As a member of the Bank Workforce, I feel like an integrated and valued member of any team that I work in.   65%
As a member of the Bank Workforce, I am treated with dignity and respect by the services that I work in.   75%
The Trust has improved its engagement with the Bank Workforce over the last 12 months.   64%

Covid-19 specific questions

Some new questions were also included in this year’s survey to ask staff about their experiences working for the Trust during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Substantive staff Bank staff
Have you worked on a Covid-19 specific ward or area at any time? 20% 31%
Have you been redeployed due to the Covid-19 pandemic at any time? 16% 11%
Have you been required to work remotely/from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic? 64% 10%
Have you been shielding? (for myself or for a member of my household) 11% 26%

Read our NHS Staff Survey results in full here. 

Read our Bank Staff NHS Staff Survey results here.