Staff to share their views on the Trust’s Coronavirus response

This week, we are launching an internal online conversation to give staff the chance to have their say on how the Trust has responded to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Last September, we started having conversations about workplace culture. Staff took part in online and face-to-face discussions to share how they felt about coming to work, and what needed to change to improve the culture. With this work in mind, our chief exec, Dr Sara Munro, has asked staff to take stock of how they have felt throughout the Covid-19 response. She wants to know what’s worked well, what’s been important and made people feel valued, what’s been challenging, if everyone’s felt supported and what more can be done to support staff wellbeing in the future. She’s also keen to understand what staff have learned from this experience that can form part of our longer term recovery plans.

Watch the video below to hear our chief exec, Sara Munro, talk about why this work is so important.

If you work for Leeds and Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, check your inbox for an email from Sara inviting you to join the conversation and have your say.