Our achievements during 2022/23

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is thrilled to present our Annual Review 2022/23, celebrating our achievements over the 2022/23 year as a provider of specialist mental health, learning disability and neurodiversity services.

The Annual Review is a comprehensive snapshot of our organisation’s accomplishments and progress. Within these pages, you’ll find a summary of our services’ developments throughout the year, showcasing our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care.

Download the report now to find out about our:

  • Strong partnerships which have enabled us to enhance the quality of care we provide.
  • Dedicated Research and Development (R&D) Team which has been at the forefront of leading and supporting both national and local research projects, advancing the field of clinical research.
  • Commitment to improving service user experience and our 3-year strategy focused on collaboration with service users and carers.
  • Strong emphasis on the well-being and engagement of our staff, as well as our efforts to foster a rewarding and supportive workplace.
  • Quality and accountability efforts evident through the recent survey results published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) regarding our Community Mental Health Services.
  • You can also read about our new care services plans, our financial review, and our commitment to sustainability.

The report’s infographics give an interesting overview of our Trust and its achievements. Here are just a few:

Annual review trust in numbers

Launching the report, Chair of the Trust Merran McRae said, “We should certainly pause and recognise the huge commitment of our staff in managing the effects of the pandemic and the courage, skill and determination shown across all teams in keeping services both safe and effective. I can see that the passion and commitment of our staff is as strong as ever and I am so grateful we have such dedicated and caring teams.

Chief Executive Dr Sara Munro said, “2022/23 was a year of transition from Covid-19 to the path of recovery for the Trust. It has been both an exciting and challenging time as we see projects take off and the shoots of progress appear after paused work. As a new year starts, we still face challenges; demand for our services is at an all-time high, and pressures on staff are increasing. It’s inspiring to see the resilience of everyone at the Trust, and I am confident that we will meet the challenges we face. We face them with integrity, as simply as possible and with care and compassion.

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