NHS Staff Survey 2021 - LYPFT results

LYPFT colleagues have their say on the past year

Our NHS Staff Survey 2021 results have been published today, Wednesday 30 March, and they give an honest reflection of staff views in what has been another incredibly challenging year for our Trust and the NHS in general.

The NHS survey was responded to by 1384 members of our substantive staff (47% of staff, compared to 47% in 2020) and 106 of bank staff took part in a bespoke survey (22% of bank staff).

Read our Staff Survey results in full here.

We are awaiting the Bank Staff NHS Staff Survey results from our survey provider but will publish these here shortly.

Dr Sara Munro, Chief Executive, said: “I want to thank colleagues for taking the time to share theirDirectors Sara Munro and Darren Skinner views in the Staff Survey. The past two years have been the hardest time in the NHS that I can remember in my own nursing career and probably in living memory for all of us who work in health and care. I have heard directly from staff right across the Trust about what an incredibly stressful and high-pressure time it has been, and still continues to be.

“Getting feedback is incredibly important to help us learn and improve how it feels to work at LYPFT and this most recent survey builds on what we already know from all of our recent engagement with staff – it really highlights what matters most to them. I am taking a leading role on improving our culture, equality and inclusion and many of these themes have also come through in these latest results.”

Darren Skinner, Director for People and Organisational Development added: “Colleagues have been invited to attend launch events for our three-year People Plan which is a new approach to tackling their issues and concerns. They can also get involved in upcoming commitment planning sessions with teams. At Board level our commitment to our colleagues is that we will respond to their latest feedback as we continue to develop Our People Plan.”

You can visit our new interactive webpage to find out more about the new People Plan.

More on the latest results – what matters most to our staff

From this year the questions in the national NHS Staff Survey were aligned to the People Promise – the key things that would most improve our working experience.

The things that staff said matter most to them are:

1. Not enough staff at our Trust for us to do our job safely and properly

2. Reduction in staff feeling less exhausted and burnout by their work

3. A more compassionate and inclusive culture that improves the experience of all staff working at our Trust

4. Having a voice in decisions that affect teams or areas of work

5. Feeling more valued and recognised

Our Trust is broadly in line with results across the whole of the NHS during this difficult period.