Carers Rights Day 2017

More families are playing an active part in their loved ones' care, thanks to a new initiative to improve carer engagement in mental health and learning disabilities.

The Triangle of Care is a national framework, developed by carers and NHS staff and has now been launched across Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The Triangle of Care is built around six key standards, including identifying and assessing carers and their needs, training staff in carer engagement, designating staff members to build links with carers and providing good carer support

Steve Taylor, Service Delivery Manager, at Carers Leeds, said: “What can often be forgotten is carers know the person best and only have their loved ones’ best interests at heart. We use the Triangle of Care initiative to improve services not only for the service user, but for their family and carers too.

“It is important that we recognise and value the important role that carers play in keeping someone well, often at the expense of their own health. The Trust’s partnership with organisations such as Carers Leeds and York Carers Centre, along with a commitment to supporting carers through the Triangle of Care, is the best way to do this. The Trust has also laid out their commitment to working in partnership with carers in their Carers Charter which will be launched shortly.

Steve added: “For this year’s Carers Rights Day, we want all carers involved with the Trust to know we’re here to support, listen and involve them. We work closely with Carers Leeds and ask carers to let us know if they need any extra support. Carers Leeds can hold support groups, offer advice and can provide you with someone to talk to even if it’s just a chat over a cup of tea.”

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