Volunteer Gardening Project

Last year the Voluntary Services Team joined forces with York Cares in providing a garden for the young patients at in Mill Lodge York. The idea came directly from the patients who wanted to transform an old run down shed into a beach hut and have it surrounded with a garden where patients could sit as well as get involved with some gardening themselves.

The garden was transformed into a haven of plants and herbs with raised beds and seating areas and the beach hut was transformed into an area you can sit and relax in.

We’re now looking to develop this further by creating a sensory garden which will provide a range of health benefits for patients which includes reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and contributing to emotional and physical health. The finished garden will be a beautiful area to relax, reflect, meditate and talk.

The highlight of this garden will be a flower bed at the front of Mill lodge shaped as the number 70.

This project will be led by volunteers and we encourage our patients and staff to join in to create the garden installation.

For more information on how to join as a volunteer, visit our Volunteering page.