Annual membership campaign

Our annual membership campaign is chosen by voters at our annual members' day and the 2016-17 membership campaign is Lose the label... This is Me! The campaign is focused on identity, labels and how they can influence perceptions, feelings and our wellbeing.

This is Me! Annual Membership Campaign 2016-17 web bannerWe can be labelled through our circumstances; such as roles, gender, culture, sexuality and diagnosis, or adopt a label for ourselves. These labels can be used to define us and have the potential to become something which we are judged against, as well as a potential catalyst for stigma and discrimination. Labels can also be owned and created to form positive identities and allow us to express ourselves through music, art and writing.

We have been inviting our members to join in the identity conversation ‘This is Me’, to share your story, your journey and explore how labels can impact on our sense of self and wellbeing. Throughout the year, events will be held to highlight the work of our specialist services, our partner organisations and to raise awareness of this complex subject.

National campaigns

Our Trust also supports national campaigns to raise awareness of the issues faced by those with mental health conditions or learning disabilities. This includes the anti-stigma campaign, Time to Change.

Find out more about Time to Change