Steve Howarth

Constituency: Public, Leeds
elected to the Council of Governors

I am proud to have been elected as a public governor for Leeds. I would be keen to receive the views of service users, carers and professionals in order to enable me to represent members effectively.

I retired as Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing at the University of Leeds four years ago and as well as my professional experience, I have also acted as a carer to family members with mental health problems.

I believe services should be delivered in a way that puts service users and their carers at the centre of the process. I feel there is often an over-reliance on medication as a panacea to solve problems and that that a more holistic approach utilising a range of psycho social approaches to support people in their recovery is far more effective.

I have a longstanding passion around trying to make mental health service provision as positive and effective as we are able and hopefully through this role, I will continue in the process of bringing about positive change.

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