Sarah Layton

Constituency: Non-clinical staff
elected to the Council of Governors

Hello my name is Sarah Layton. I have worked at LYPFT for nearly three years and previously worked in the private healthcare sector for nine years. In my current role, I am a team leader in the Mental Health Legislation Team, providing advice and support to clinical colleagues, as well as managing a team who support the administration of the Mental Health Act.

I am involved in a number of groups in the Trust, including the Mental Health Legislation operational group, and provide support to the Mental Health Legislation committee. Through this work I have developed a good understanding of the Trust’s governance structures and appreciate the importance of oversight and assurance, a role central to that of a governor. I believe these skills and experience make me well suited to be a governor, who can effectively represent the views of non-clinical colleagues within the Trust.

I work to fulfil my responsibilities with determination, focus and dedication, ensuring at all times that the views of my non-clinical colleagues are actively represented in a fair and balanced manner.

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