Rebecca Mitchell

Constituency:Public: Leeds
elected to the: Council of Governors

I have been representing the view of a carer in regular meetings within the NHS Patient Experience Team for approaching two years. Here I put forward my views and experiences, whilst listening to others with a caring and understanding ear – I hear the common experiences held by both carers and service users.

The view of a carer is invaluable and has historically been under-utilised. I am experiencing this changing though and I am taking comfort in how change IS possible and IS happening, and I want to be a part of furthering this.

I also work as a psychotherapist and am witness to the ongoing mental health epidemic daily within my work too. My heart is in trying to equip people and services with the compassion and help before things progress further than they should.

My main aim during my time as governor is to use and empower people’s voices; and ultimately improve the experience of service users and carers.

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