Peter Holmes

Constituency:Service user, Leeds
elected to the: Council of Governors

I suffered a severe traumatic head injury in a jet-ski crash nine years ago, which left me in a coma for 10 days. I underwent an 18-month period of rehabilitation in Leeds. The accident was life-changing but I have not allowed it to undermine my ambitions in life.

I lost a year at school while I relearned basic skills and later gained a degree in geography at Hull University. Now a civil servant, my challenges and experiences have convinced me that we can do more to provide a more supportive environment for people with mental health issues. Prince William and other high-profile personalities have increased awareness of such issues in recent times and the Trust can build on that.

I still suffer from anxiety and bouts of depression, but I have learned to cope with this and am always willing to put my head above the parapet, and only recently I gave a workplace presentation to many colleagues on mental health.

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