John Manson

Constituency:Public: York and North Yorkshire
elected to the: Council of Governors

As a newly elected Governor, my main priorities will be representing and engaging with members of the Trust. I am acutely aware of the need to further develop services and research in the areas of autism and learning disabilities.

I will look to engage with members through:

  • Work with existing local voluntary organisations,
  • Trust organised community outreach events,
  • Contact with service users both directly and through representative organisations,
  • Use of media such as newsletters and websites,
  • Support services for membership and systems to manage them,
  • Members’ meetings,
  • Educational events built around local health issues,
  • Special efforts to work with staff governors, and
  • Direct contact with individual members.

I see effective engagement and consultation with members as a major part of the Governor’s role.

It is important that we hold engagement meetings across the region that we serve, communicating the Trust’s ongoing strategic plan and meeting to consult with our members on its effectiveness in meeting their needs.

I will look to use our voluntary organisation partners for outreach into their broader communities, having identified special interest groups or those with particular mental health needs, and engagement through existing networks seems to be the most effective way forwards.

As an R.A.F. Veteran, I have a particular interest in the mental health care needs of the Armed Forces Community. I look to champion their needs in the Trust’s ongoing service development work.

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