Community Mental Health

We plan to change the way we provide community mental health services for adults and older people across Leeds. Our service users will still get high quality services and support and, in the main, they may not see significant changes – it’s the way we organise ourselves to give the care and support that is changing.

2 October 2018 Update from Andy Weir, Chair of the Community Redesign Project Board and Deputy Chief Operating Officer

We are now able to share our Engagement Report which summarises the feedback we received from services users , their families and carers;  our workforce and health and social care organisations and the third sector in Leeds about our plans to change the way we deliver Community Mental Health Services in Leeds.  You can also find out more in Healthwatch’s report.

We’ve learned so much from our engagement and started a conversation with local people that we will certainly continue in future.

We are now beginning the journey that will see the new service models go live in March 2019. There will be lots of work on the fine detail, along with a programme of staff training and development. We will develop a formal evaluation and review process, which will allow us to quickly pick up any issues from implementation.

We will continue to listen and take feedback on board as we implement and evaluate our new service models. We have some good channels in place for this, but we also know we need to make improvements to the way we engage our public and service users. We’re very serious about this and have commissioned Leeds Beckett University to review our approach to public engagement and patient experience and look at how we gather, use and act on the feedback we get. The review included interviews with a range of stakeholders and we are expecting the final report soon and will share what we learn.