Community Mental Health

We plan to change the way we provide community mental health services for adults and older people across Leeds. Our service users will still get high quality services and support and, in the main, they may not see significant changes – it’s the way we organise ourselves to give the care and support that is changing.

Latest update: 6 July 2018

The public engagement phase of this project has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took time to provide us with valuable feedback.  Read our latest project update.

The aims of what we’re proposing:

  • Care will always be based on a thorough assessment of each individual’s circumstances and needs.
  • Service users will be at the centre of their care and have seamless services delivered by teams made up of different professionals
  • Care will always be about recovery – for people with dementia this is about living well with the condition
  • Each person will be seen by clinical staff who have the necessary skills, values and attitudes to provide high quality support. They will be knowledgeable about mental health and other difficulties and their effects in different stages of life
  • We will work closely with other organisations that can offer support to service users
  • Hospital will be a last resort and only for the people who are most unwell. We will aim to get services users out of hospital as quickly as we can so they can recover at home or in another care setting.
Why change?

Some of our community mental health services have grown to meet increasing demand. Trying to meet everyone’s needs has led to a situation where we’re not always making best use of our staff’s expertise. We are doing the same thing as some other service providers in the city and sometimes people get a different type of service depending on where they live. We don’t think this is right or fair.

A previous service reorganisation into an ‘ageless’ service hasn’t worked well for older people (65 plus). They have found it harder to get support from us at times when they were really distressed. We have also lost staff who wanted to be dedicated to working with older people’s services.

There’s growing demand for services because:

  • more people are finding life tough and developing mental ill health
  • the knock-on from the crisis in adult social care – if care needs are not met, distress levels increase
  • Pressure on primary care means people no longer have a relationship with a single family doctor for ‘talking things through’

Our plans for change will help focus our support on the people who need it most. We know we can’t do everything and we will be working closely with other providers and partners to have more joined up community mental health services across the city.

For more information download our general information leaflet.