Community Mental Health

We plan to change the way we provide community mental health services for adults and older people across Leeds. Our service users will still get high quality services and support and, in the main, they may not see significant changes – it’s the way we organise ourselves to give the care and support that is changing.

23 July 2018 Update from Andy Weir, Chair of the Community Redesign Project Board and Deputy Chief Operating Officer

During our engagement with service users, carers, staff, partners and the general public about our proposed changes to our Community Mental Health Redesign, we said we would evaluate the feedback carefully and if necessary, amend our proposals where people said we hadn’t got things quite right.

The volume and quality of the feedback has been excellent and we thank everyone who has been to a meeting, filled out a survey form or emailed us, for giving us their views. Our proposals were broadly understood and there is a lot of support for change – but we now need to do some more work on the fine detail before we can seek final approval from the Trust’s executive directors.

So, we have allowed a little longer to work through the detail and make changes to our original ideas. Then we need to identify any potential risks or unintended consequences of all the changes by completing quality and equality impact assessments. When these have been updated we can be absolutely sure that everything stacks up properly. This work is already underway.

We have therefore set a new timescale of completing all the analysis and planning work during the next 5 weeks. We will share the detail of the new service models and describe how they will be put in place with our staff and service users from 4 September.