Donations and gifts process

During the Covid-19 pandemic we are being offered unprecedented levels of donations of cash and gifts. This show of support is greatly appreciated and we want our staff and service users to benefit from these.

However, like all other NHS organisations, we must make sure we have a record of what we have accepted and what we have done with it.  This is to ensure the wishes of the donor have been acted on; to make sure these are dealt with equitably; and to protect staff should some donations be intended as a way of influencing their future behaviour towards that person or organisation.  Overwhelmingly, donations are being made as a “thank-you” but we must ensure that we continue to follow our procedures for receiving cash and gifts.

We must also make sure that when goods are donated these are safe to be used and that all the normal precautions have been taken, just as we would with any other type of goods coming into the Trust.

We know that some gifts are too big for just one ward or team to use themselves and so we have members of staff in the Trust who will be able to help with administering and distributing bulk donations.  If you are offered a bulk donation please contact the team through the gifts email account .

Examples of bulk gifts are:

  • 100 Easter Eggs offered to a community team – whilst these might be able to be shared out between the team with each person taking more than one egg each a fairer way would be to deal with this donation centrally with the original team receiving one egg per team member and the other eggs being distributed to other community teams. The central team would be able to administer this.
  • 1000 Easter Eggs – these would need to be distributed wider than just community teams and the central team would be able to administer this across the Trust
Process for accepting and recording gifts

Due to the increased number of donations of cash and gifts being received into the organisation we have made the process of accepting these as simple as possible during this time.  We have therefore devised a simple flowchart to help you decide what to do along with a Record of gifts form that staff must use for gifts.

If you have any questions about this process please contact the gifts email account at: .