Working safely on site and at home – FAQs

We will continue to update this section with answers to your FAQs.  Any questions, comments or concerns you have can be shared on if you can’t find the answer from your colleagues or line manager.

Remember, if you have concerns, please raise them with your line manager, clinical supervisor or union representative in the first instance.  Alternatively, you can contact the Trust’s Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, John Verity. Contact John by email at or call / text him on 07980 959 407.

What about the non-priority Trust sites?

People are asking us about our other Trust sites that do not fall into the priority category. It’s important to say that we haven’t forgotten about these sites and they will be included in a second phase of our safe return to the workplace project starting in August, once we’ve completed the work on our 9 priority sites where we deliver clinical services.

However, we have to reiterate that people should not be coming into work at these sites unless essential work cannot be completed at home or remotely, and all other options have been exhausted.

Is it possible to hot desk?

No. Hot desking is not permitted because it increases the risk of cross infection.

I need to visit the office, how do I reserve a desk?

Where possible staff must continue to work from home, however we realise you might have to visit the office and need a desk. The desk must be reserved using the local booking system, which will be managed by receptions and admin colleagues on a site by site basis.

I only need to use the desk for 2 hours and then I am returning home.  What is the minimum amount of time I can book a desk?

When you book a desk, it cannot be booked for 30 min, 2hrs or even 4 hours. The desk is automatically booked for a full working day. Please remember, if multiple individuals use the desk then the risk of infection is increased, so we reduce this by reserving it for a full day and provide wipes for you on the desk to wipe down the touch points before and after use.

Can I book the desk for multiple days across the week?

The booking system works on the principle of availability. So you can book the desk for each day of the week, so long as it is free. Teams may choose to do this on a planned rota basis, based on team rather than individual need. However please be mindful of locally agreed working arrangements and avoid block booking. For all those who can, please continue working from home where possible.

Can people outside of my team use the desk?

The desk must be used by individuals within your own team. This ensures a ‘team bubble’ is maintained so that cross infection is minimised by people from outside of your own team.

There are a few instances where there will be some cross over between weekday and weekend staff using the same desk spaces – in these circumstances those spaces will be cleaned and therefore sharing is only permitted in these limited circumstances.

Within the Trust we recognise there are a number of staff in ‘portfolio roles’ working across services and sites, such as AHPs. Local agreements need to be made to support these staff to work effectively, whilst observing infection control measures with use of PPE and cleaning schedules for touch down spaces