Appraisals, career and wellbeing conversations – a new approach for difficult times

Updated March 2021

We have taken on board your feedback on what would be helpful at this current time around appraisals, career and wellbeing conversations.  With this in mind, we have strengthened the wellbeing assessment to include skills development to ensure you have all you need to do either your current role or a redeployed role.

This needs to be undertaken formally every 6 months; however we recommend this be an ongoing conservation to reflect any change in circumstances, and to make sure we can act on any identified needs quickly.

Make wellbeing your priority

To keep this simple, the priority for managers and colleagues is the wellbeing assessment.

For those that can, a light and lean appraisal and career conversation can still take place if they are useful.  This is a joint decision between the manager and the member of staff involved.

All the information, templates, documents and links you’ll need can be found below:

For more information on recruitment and redeployment please visit the Updates and FAQs from HR webpage.

For any help, advice or feedback about appraisals, career and wellbeing conversations, please contact the Learning and Organisational Development team via