Please wear a face mask when entering and moving around

Each training room has hand sanitiser and free face mask station

We set out the training room to allow for social distancing

Please don't attend your course if you have any Covid19 symptoms

Covid19 safety

We're gradually reintroducing physical, face-to-face training courses in our 2021-2022 term time-tables. These will be in addition to our online-only courses. To help keep people safe, how we deliver our courses will be slightly different.

We have conducted a risk assessment of each venue to determine the maximum safe number of people to allow for social distancing (at 2 meters) and have implemented a number of additional safety measures.

Social distancing and the requirements for face coverings to be worn will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, in line with NHS guidance. This may be different from the government steps or feel firmer than, for example the restrictions placed on a coffee shop or private venue.



Our courses have been adapted so that facilitators and delegates don’t need to come into close contact with each other (and people can remain socially distanced throughout the session). We have also included a 15min window for participants stagger arrival and exit.

As part of your course booking we can provide you with details of the venue, training room and the Covid-19 safety measures that will be in place for your specific course. If you would like any further information about our Covid19 Safety measures, please get in touch.