Family therapy

The family therapy service is part of our Psychology and Psychotherapy Service.

We see couples and family groups (including groups of individuals who live together) who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships.  We have a number of specialist practitioners who work within our service and we see people of many different ages (including children) and from different walks of life.

What is family therapy?

Family therapy involves a family working with one or more therapists to help address the difficulties they face. Family therapy is particularly focused on the relationships between family members.   All families have difficulties from time to time and sometimes they deal with difficulties themselves; sometimes talking with others can be helpful in gaining new ideas and thoughts about their own solutions.

What happens at a family therapy session?

Sessions usually last up to 90 minutes.  We listen to what people in your family have to say, and we use questions designed to help families think together about the difficulties they are facing.

It is important to hear and work with different people’s point of view. This can be helpful in finding solutions or new ways of coming to terms with a difficult situation. We like to meet as many members of the family as possible, but you can decide who comes to the first meeting. We will think together about who will come in the future.

How do people get referred?

Families need to be referred through The Psychology and Psychotherapy Service. Staff in our community mental health teams or from other services within our Trust can refer people for family therapy.

How can I find out more?

Read our family therapy leaflet.

The Association for Family Therapy website provides further details about family therapy.

If you want to speak to us about a referral please contact us at the Psychology and Psychotherapy Service.