Testing for staff

Last updated: 19 July 2021

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  1. Lateral Flow asymptomatic testing
  2. How to access lab-based PCR testing
  3. More about NHS Test and Trace service and the Covid-19 App

Key messages

We’ve done so well so far – let’s continue to do the right thing and keep each other safe!

  • If we’re coming on site at any time, we must all test ourselves using lateral flow devices (LFD)
  • Double vaccination offers high levels of personal protection and reduces some transmissions, but there are still risks to staff, service users and wider communities
  • Infection control guidance for health care settings remains in place despite the national roadmap and lifting of restrictions

What we know

Despite some return to normality in our home lives, we are hearing from our public health colleagues that there is currently sustained transmission of the virus in our region. We now know that the Delta variant, which is increasing rapidly in the community setting, is highly transmissible, making asymptomatic transmission more likely.

You can keep up to date with the latest regional infection rates online:

Leeds Council
York Mix
Gov.uk has a postcode search (lower down this page)

We know that the vaccination programme is helping to reduce serious illness and hospitalisations, and the number of cases in the vaccinated population is lower. However:

  • Not everyone is fully vaccinated. We know that around 25% of people with a serious mental illness in Leeds have not come forward for their jab. Some colleagues you work with and service users you look after may not be vaccinated and we are all travelling around more now, especially as we come into the summer holiday season, with the risks that involves.
  • There is some evidence that the vaccine weakens transmission, but even when fully vaccinated it is possible that you may carry the virus and pass it on. In those with a poor immune response (caused by many underlying conditions, medication or older age) the vaccine will be less effective, leaving them exposed to the virus.
  • It is still not clear how long the vaccine offers protection for so we cannot make assumptions about how well protected our colleagues and service users are. We are hearing that there will potentially be further booster jabs needed in the Autumn.