Infection control and PPE

Last updated 26 April 2021.

It remains absolutely vital that you wear the correct PPE to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

When you are working at our sites, whether in a clinical or non-clinical area, please regularly think about whether you and your colleagues are wearing the correct PPE. Every moment counts, every encounter matters.

As a reminder, you should wear full PPE (gloves, mask, apron, safety glasses) in clinical areas at all times. It is important to remember to change your gloves and apron after every patient contact.

In non-clinical areas you should follow these seven steps:

  • Maintain 2 metre spacing
  • Wear masks at all times
  • You can pass within 1 metre of a person when wearing a mask without needing to wear eye protection (this must not exceed 1 minute)
  • If someone stops to talk with you, immediately ask them to step back 2 meters
  • If you are within 2 metres of someone for more than 1 minute then both mask and eye protection are required
  • You do not need to wear a mask if in a room by yourself, but you must have a mask on if sharing the room. Be ready to put a mask on if someone enters
  • Eating and drinking in a designated area – you must maintain 2 metre spacing between yourself and others

If you are unsure of our PPE guidance or have any questions please speak to your line manager as a matter of urgency.

Handy PPE reminder cards

These PPE reminder cards have been produced as handy pocket-sized guides to help you ensure that you are wearing the correct PPE in clinical and non-clinical settings.

How can I report a breach?

If you notice others who are not wearing PPE correctly, we are encouraging you to politely discuss this with them in the first instance. In many cases it will be a simple mistake and they will be grateful for the reminder.

If this approach doesn’t work, or there are repeated breaches, please discuss this with your line manager and complete a Datix submission.

Other useful Infection Control documents

More information

For any queries about infection control and PPE please contact the Trust’s Infection Control Team on 0113 85 55957 or you can email  There is an answer machine in operation which will direct you to the colleague on call.