Our plan on a page for 2022/23

Regional and Specialist Services

Select each subheading below to highlight the different sections of our plan on a page. This will outline how our Regional and Specialist Service is planning to deliver care over the next 12-18 months.

1. Where are we now?
  • Addictions Services – demand is at an all-time high for alcohol and drug misuse support. Forward Trust has been rated outstanding by the
    CQCA location tag
  • Neurodevelopmental Services – a doubling of referrals is impacting on waiting times
  • Personality Disorder Services – embedding a new service model, working with NHS and third sector partners
  • Northern Gambling Service – maintaining a low waiting time. We are part of the national clinical reference group for gambling treatment across England. We are also developing a new website
  • Veterans Services – a waiting list for our Complex Treatment Service which we aim to eradicate by March 2023. We are enhancing family support and support for veterans with addictions
2. Where do we want to be in 12-18 months' time?
  • Addictions Services – a renewed contract with third sector partners meaning continued high quality care for people with addictions across hospital and community settingsA white calendar
  • Neurodevelopmental Services – ensure a timely diagnosis and appropriate aftercare for people with Autism and ADHD working across Leeds system partners
  • Personality Disorder Services – ensure the service is connected across the Leeds system and rollout community transformation
  • Northern Gambling Service – explore the possibility of opening new Northern Gambling Service clinical hubs
  • Veterans Services – service users will have a single point of access for the north of England. Services across the North will be better integrated
3. How we are going to get there
  • white lightbulb on a green backgroundWe will strive for good collaboration and partnership working across all our service
4. How we will improve service user and carer experience
  • Personality Disorder Services – service userled development of an involvement and coproduction strategy across three services and an increase in lived experience rolesA white smiley face on a green background
  • Northern Gambling Service – there will be a peer mentor with lived experience of gambling offering support to our service users
  • Veterans Services – service users will be on our Partnership Board meaning their views are better represented
5. How we will improve staff experience
  • We support Regional and Specialist Services staff to be connected within their teams as well as to the wider Trust and system in which they work, through:Thumbs up on a pink background
    – Hybrid working – promoting ‘soft’ conversations which support safety and work life balance
    – Bring the team together regularly to ensure staff feel supported
6. How we will reduce health inequalities and improving equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Addictions Services – give service users equitable access to digital technology, including homeless and older peopleGroup of people in the palm of a hand on an orange background
  • Neurodevelopmental Services – meet unmet need for ADHD assessment and treatment, support individuals with early intervention. Understand whether there are any barriers to accessing Autism services based on ethnicity and age.
  • Personality Disorder Services – review the case consultation model within PD services to ensure that it is meaningful for all
  • Northern Gambling Service – we will create a pathway for ADHD assessment where it is suspected ADHD is affecting harmful gambling
  • Veterans Services – support access from underrepresented groups within the veteran population