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Care Programme Approach

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If an individual is involved with secondary or specialist mental health services and needs coordinated support to help with engagement and maintaining safety, then care will be delivered under The Care Programme Approach (CPA) framework. Care Programme Approach (CPA) is an umbrella term to describe the way that a person's care, support and treatment is arranged through assessment, coordination, care planning and review. Some people will have straightforward needs; their care, support and treatment are described as 'Care Plan'. All people with ongoing input from Trust services will have their care, support and treatment arranged through either CPA or Care Plan.

There are four stages to CPA:-

1. Assessment
The person will be asked questions about most aspects of their life and history - personal, health, social, environmental; about their safety (this is sometimes referred to as risk); about anyone else all ready involved in their care and support; any carer involved will be identified and informed of the right to their own assessment

2. Care Coordination
A care coordinator will be identified to work closely with the person and carer to arrange care and support and to review progress towards goals.

3. Care Plan
This is a written document describing the person's health and social care needs. The care plan says which agencies and services will help with recovery and wellbeing; and what the person is doing to help themselves.

The care plan is based around the person. It will be developed with the person and includes their goals; what support is being offered; who is providing the support and when the support will be reviewed. The carer will be included too if the person wants this.

The person is offered a copy of their care plan.

4. Review
These are sometimes called CPA meetings; they will happen at least every 12 months but can be more often. This is where the care plan is reviewed. This is done by discussing with the person and carer (with agreement) what is working well and what may need to be changed or improved to support recovery and wellbeing. The review is usually held in a way that the person prefers.

Care Plan
Care Plan is the term used to describe the care of the person who is supported within specialist mental health services; whose needs are straightforward; and who are seeing only one person in respect of their mental health needs.

The person and carer can expect:
• A lead professional identified - this will be the person who delivers the care, they will also plan for any transfer of care or discharge
• A letter outlining the care plan - this will identify the service user needs, the plan to address those needs plus any other pertinent information. Contact details for the lead professional are provided. The person will receive the letter, this is the Care Plan
• Review - This is where progress will be reviewed and any further care plan agreed. Transfer of care or discharge will be planned if appropriate. CPA will also be considered if needed.

More information

Click here for an information leaflet about CPA
Click here to read an information booklet on CPA - for people in Leeds
Click here to read an information booklet on CPA - for people in York and North York

Want to get involved?
A Planning Care Network is being developed to make sure that we hear what you want to tell us about the way that care is planned. We want to know about what we should be doing to make your experience of services better.

The Planning Care Network is a chance to talk about Care Programme approach (CPA) and about Care Plan. There will also be a chance to get involved in work groups.

There is a meeting arranged for Wednesday 20 November 2013; click here for more information about this.

If you require any further information regarding CPA or Care Plan then please contact or call Donna Kemp on 07985 259082.